Raising Godly Men & Women

sanders-headshotDear Readers:
There may not be a family anywhere that when a child is first born that they have dreams and visions of what their child will accomplish with his or her life.  In those immediate few hours after birth, there is a peacefulness that surrounds and envelopes the mother.  Then Moms and Dads can be seen looking at their baby for visual signs of well-being as they wait for the doctor to say all is well.  Prayers go up in thanksgiving to God for the life he has sent them to nurture and keep safe from all harm.  How do we do that is the big question?  There are many prescriptions out there on how to raise a successful child.  If we listen to them, it is as easy as following a lesson from 1-10.

Even those who are in the business of selling cars have gotten into the business of what it takes to have a child grow up to have a successful life.  Do you remember the television ad about a car that features a mom and her daughter or a dad and his son who can be seen driving along together to a particular place?  The music playing makes you feel good?  The mom or dad lets the child out of the car who goes into the school.  Just before moving on the child looks back and smiles.  In the next frame, we see an older son or daughter in the car and a scene where they have grown up.  It gets even better.  The family keeps on purchasing the same type of car and it is a perfect ending to the story.  The kids grow up to do wonderful things and the family has the greatest trust in performance of the cars they purchase.

Oh, if only life were that simple.   So much has been left out of that short television ad.  How do we as parents prepare our children for life?  What tools do we really need to give our children what they need to have before they leave us as adults to take their places in life’s continuum?  We cannot be fooled by these ads that would paint a beautiful picture of life without the challenges that are presented to us.  What do we know for sure?  What is the path we should follow as we parent?  The word parent can be an active word.  What we do matters each day to our children for good or for bad.

Let’s look first for our answers through scripture.  In Psalm 127, it is essentially saying that we have to have our house in order first and the head of the house is the Lord.  “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.”  We cannot know all when it comes to raising our children.  The biggest mistakes that parents can make is to believe that they have all of the wisdom and understanding to do their most important work.  We also must know that our children are our reward.  “Sons [and our daughters] are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from Him.  Then why would we not make our children our life’s work.  They are blessings from God and we must nurture, educate, and do all that we can for them to lead a fulfilling life.

Parents, then, need first and foremost to rely on God’s teachings and then build that team with others who will walk in concert with them to make sure that their children will have a fulfilling life.  Schools are naturally part of that team.  I have a saying that is, “Schools define you.”  This means that the school that is selected matters.  Cornerstone is a school that has the track record of working with parents to have children become fine young men and women.

Going forward, I will write on things that matter about children and young people to be of assistance to the readers on ways and methods for raising children to be Godly men and women.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, may your grace be upon our families as they go about the work of raising their children.   Amen.

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Ernestine L. Sanders
President and CEO