Raising Godly Men & Women: Resetting for Excellence

Don’t Be Afraid to Hit the Reset Button-

Everyone should take stock of what’s working for them and what is not at certain points during the year. This is certainly an excellent approach for parents as they shepherd their children through to their adult lives. The best time to make any parenting changes is not on January first as we may do for ourselves with creating extensive resolutions to follow, but when school starts in the fall. Why? Children are expecting to learn new things at the beginning of every school year. Seize this opportunity to impart what you want them to learn. You are your children’s first teachers.

By the time we get to Labor Day, our children and young people are excited about the new school year. You have, if they are old enough, let them make decisions about certain things they want for school. If the children are entering school for the first time, you may have bought that perfect pair of sneakers or the winter coat or jacket just for them in anticipation of getting your children ready for the seasons about to change. Sometimes a new pair of shoes or the supplies we purchase that are on the teacher’s list may inadvertently take on greater importance than they should. What do we have to do to go beyond things to help shape our children into becoming the best scholars and people we want them to be?

Is the reset simply a prescription, one teaspoon is enough? Not really. The reset button is more about how we impart our particular wisdom into our children. The reset is that we can make all things new again through and because of God. Then His power will be imparted into our children as they slip those shoes onto their feet. Their supplies will become more meaningful, and a new coat or jacket will not only keep the cold out but the appreciation of it will be theirs as they learn to value you and know all gifts come from the Lord. Parents share this knowledge as you have come to know and understand it. Make the time to do it.

I encourage you to have those conversations with your children about the value of school no matter how young they are and if they are about to graduate this June from high school and prepare to leave home for college. Let them know about the goodness of character. As a family, do something for others.

Community service should be begin first in the home. Discuss what respect means. How our children treat others even when no one is looking is the ultimate test. Share what it means to be responsible for your actions. Help them to understand that they are part of a team, and that team will work cooperatively with each other at home and at school. Say in a lot of different ways that excellence is achieved with hard work. Hold them to the standards of excellence at all times.

To get the reset it may mean just a tweak or an overhaul, but it can be done. Everything is not only a conversation. Sometimes it requires that we take on specific actions. It is about the blocking and tackling we do throughout the day.

Look at your schedules. Put in time to help others. Make sure that every day, you see to it that homework is done consistently and well. Reduce the amount of time your children spend on gaming, social media, and all things technology. Give everyone a chore list and see that the work is done. Work builds the character of discipline and responsibility. Do your own Family Audit of what needs to be changed or corrected in your household to get the results you want.

Our children are our treasure. See your children for who they are now and who you want them to be in the future. This is critical. While our children are perfect in our eyes, they, like us, can only become better with the proper guidance that is done by those who have their and our best interest. Resets done now, all with love, will make that positive difference to them as they grow and mature, in wisdom and stature.

Select and push the reset button for excellence.

Ernestine L. Sanders