Our Vision, Philosophy & Mission

We see transformed lives, for good; and a new city for all.

We believe all children are created in the image and likeness of God and are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights and abundant purpose.

We believe an excellent education begins with parents, a child’s first teachers. They nurture the unique potential and destiny of their child and, by good example, encourage a life filled with the joy of learning, good deeds, and right conduct.

We believe an excellent education is furthered by good teachers, administrators, staff, and partners within a learning community which makes it possible for a student to realize his or her fullest potential in life. An excellent education encourages a student to seek truth, to know love, to develop a disciplined mind and a wise, kind, courageous, joyful, and discerning heart; to serve humbly, to respect and work with others; to pursue excellence, to develop good judgment, to seek what is good, to do what is right, and to accept responsibility for one’s actions.

We believe an excellent education equips a student to understand and appreciate the person and teachings of Jesus. An excellent education also includes literature, the fine arts, geography and the sciences; mathematics, grammar, writing, language and the spoken word; technology, history and cultures, particularly American history; and the rich and diverse contributions of many to it; coupled with the idea and practice of freedom, self-government, equality, citizenship, leadership, free markets, business enterprises, and voluntary associations.

Our broad and beloved community of friends will make possible an excellent education for children so as to prepare them for life and leadership. On this journey we will seek to follow Jesus as a sure path to a fulfilling life and servant leadership.