What Is Partner Morning?

IMG_4727Cornerstone Schools has been delivering this unique program for students and adults since we opened our doors in 1991. Partner Mornings take place four times per school year in September, December, March, and June. The goal of the program is to develop mentoring relationships between adults and students.

Partner Mornings begin at 8:30 a.m. with refreshments and fellowship, followed by a brief program at 8:45 that provides some of the highlights of the academic quarter, and a musical or dramatic performance by the students. Partners and Friends are then dismissed to the classrooms to spend time with students. They come together to interact, engage, and work on projects, experiments, or lessons centered on the quarterly theme. These experiences and interactions enable students to improve communication skills, develop an aptitude for networking, and feel the joy that these friendships bring. Partner Morning concludes promptly at 10:15 a.m.

The goal of Partner Mornings is for all students to realize that the greatest gift in life is to give of oneself so others may live more abundantly. The students see this in their Partners and Friends through their support. Students look forward with great excitement to spending time with Partners and Friends on these special mornings.

Who are Partners & Friends?

_R6A6186Partners and Friends are adults from the community who commit to spend time in a mentoring and friendship capacity with Cornerstone students. The commitment is four mornings per school year, for two hours each morning.

Partners make an annual financial investment for each student they support. Partners are paired with individual students, and together, they develop a friendship. The generosity of our Partners makes it possible for Cornerstone students to receive an excellent education. The annual cost to educate a Cornerstone student is $13,500. However, Cornerstone families typically pay $2-3,000 for tuition. To bridge the gap, we ask our Partners to make an annual investment of $3,500 or more for each student they support.

Friends give of their time during Partner Mornings and are assigned to a classroom in which to be a Friend to one or more students at our charter schools. Friends enhance students’ educational experiences by sharing their stories, being supportive and encouraging, and showing love to the students.

Please join our students and our existing community for this enriching, transformative experience. It will provide you the opportunity to touch the hearts of children. For questions please click HERE for FAQs, or contact Janice Perzigian, Partner Program Manager at: Janice.Perzigian@CEGschools.org

Partner Morning Dates

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