Our goal is to prepare children for a fulfilling life, emphasizing opportunities for higher education, home and family, and a successful career. Our approach focuses on building a foundation of good character and delivering an education based on excellence. We will draw on the strengths of both our private school and our charter schools, along with other high-performing Detroit schools, to best serve our students. Over the next three years, the Cornerstone Education Group (CEG) will grow to serve 5,000 students, nearly doubling our current student population. This will allow CEG to further strengthen our position as a leader in urban education and provide a solution to the educational crisis in Detroit.

At CEG, we provide the end-to-end services and management for our schools. These span academics, operations, admissions, finance, and fundraising support. By centralizing these services we are able to provide scalable services to our schools while allowing them to focus on the teaching and learning aspects of our work.