The Pillar – April 2018


Cornerstone Charter Schools

Pennies for Patients

We’re so proud of our Washington-Parks Academy third graders. They practiced their teamwork skills and raised close to $500 for leukemia patients, earning the top two spots in a school-wide Pennies for Patients Campaign in February. Way to go, WPA third grade!

Cornerstone Charter Schools

Alumni Spotlight: Cristy Miles

What kind of difference does a Cornerstone education make? We asked Cristy, a medical student doing her residency in Chicago, how the foundation she received at Cornerstone is still helping her today.

Cornerstone Charter Schools

Cornerstone For Life Promise

Have you heard of the Cornerstone For Life Promise? It means we support our students with college and career counseling and more, after they leave our halls.

Cornerstone Charter Schools

Save the Date for MENtoring in the 21st Century

Our second annual MENtoring in the 21st Century event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 11, 2018, at the Detroit Athletic Club.

The year’s focus is Entrepreneurship. We’ll hear from a panel of esteemed entrepreneurs who will share their personal journeys, and discuss how we can all support young men who are just starting out as entrepreneurs.

Andrew Humphrey, Channel 4 Meteorologist, is back as moderator. Our panelists are Dennis Archer, Jr., CEO of Ignition Media Group; Hiram E. Jackson, Publisher, Michigan Chronicle; and Rich Sheridan, Co-Founder of Menlo Innovations.

More details to come!

Teachers with Passion

Meet Our Teachers with Passion

Have you noticed how Cornerstone teachers are Teachers with Passion? We’re creating a video series of interviews with our teachers, which will be released on Facebook. If you’re not following us, please do, so you can watch our first interview with Chief Academic Officer Pamela Farris – coming next week!

Cornerstone Charter Schools

The Difference Between Charter Schools & Public Schools

More than half of all K-12 students in Detroit attend charter schools. How does Cornerstone fit into this educational ecosystem? Get the details in this article on our website.