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The Pillar – April 2019


Cornerstone Offers Customized Approach to Career Preparation for High School Students
The educators at Cornerstone Health + Technology High School (CH+THS) are deeply committed to knowing each student individually and our students benefit from a customized approach to their high school experience. Kordilia Noble, Career Preparation Manager, told us that the process for the customized plan takes a holistic approach, based on multiple data points like GPA, PSAT/SAT scores, attendance, career assessments, and student interests. “We know what their interests are and what their strengths are. As a result, we can use our networks to help the students drive forward both personally and professionally to achieve long term success,” she said.
In one example, guidance from multiple conversations with the Career Pathways team led a senior to develop an interest in civil engineering. She was then able to do an internship with a national civil engineering company through Cornerstone relationships. This individualized approach to each student’s future career is just one of the ways Cornerstone is designing an extraordinary educational experience for our students.
Meet Scott Elliott: A Longtime Cornerstone Supporter
Scott Elliott is one of Cornerstone’s most consistent supporters. A Special Olympics athlete and sports fan, Scott has been donating $42 a month to support our students for more than 12 years.
He was inspired when he saw a Cornerstone commercial featuring Justin Verlander during a Detroit Tigers broadcast. “We’ve always been great believers in education,” Scott’s father, John Elliott, told us, “The commercial really struck a nerve with us when we saw that we could help educate students in Detroit. I guess you can thank Justin Verlander because Scott was a big fan of his. The Tigers never should have traded him!”
We’re grateful for Scott’s support and invite you to join Scott with a monthly donation of your own by clicking the link below.
MCA Robotics Team Fosters STEM Interest in Cornerstone Students
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields are subjects that are receiving extra attention in education today. With that in mind, Mr. Brent White, a teacher at Madison-Carver Academy, found a way to make STEM more exciting and interesting to our students – starting a Robotics team!
Over the last few years, his effort has grown into a curriculum that’s integrated into the school day for 4th through 8th grade students, along with an after-school club. The current robotics program serves 80 students with in-school classes and 30 students in after-school activities.
Some of our other Cornerstone schools also offer Robotics activities in their after-school programs.
The Road to Senegal Update
This July, two Cornerstone Health + Technology High School students, Brandon Harrell and Da’laye Ford, and principal Jared Davis will be traveling to Senegal, Africa.
They will be joining with Youth for Global Health & Social Justice in their mission to provide clean water to villages in that country. The students and Mr. Davis recently traveled to South Bend, IN to visit Notre Dame University and attend the Youth for Global Health & Social Justice mid-year conference. Davis told us, “We are all so excited to have the opportunity to provide clean water for the African villages of Dakar, Senegal. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to focus our efforts and contribute to the greater good.”
To keep up with the Senegal team as they prepare, be sure to follow our Facebook page. To find out more about Youth for Global Health & Social Justice and the Senegal plans, click below. 
Jefferson-Douglass Students Meet Community Leaders at Urban League Event
We’re very fortunate that Cornerstone students are frequently invited to important events in our community. In March, Ms. Candace Brockman, principal at Cornerstone Jefferson-Douglass Academy, chaperoned a group of students to the Detroit Urban League Annual Distinguished Youth Dialogue.
At this annual event, selected 8th grade Cornerstone Jefferson-Douglass Academy students were able to converse with community leaders who have intentionally stayed in Detroit to help build the community and culture. They were seated with Roberta Hughes, daughter of Charles H. Wright (founder and curator of Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History). Our students discussed Thomas Jefferson (fitting since they are from Jefferson-Douglass!) and how he contributed to African-American history in this country. Thank you, Urban League, for including our students in this impactful activity!
Artwork Featuring Civil Rights Leaders Donated to Washington-Parks Academy
Cornerstone’s Washington-Parks Academy (WPA) received a beautiful gift from David and Paula Berry, in the form of a vibrant painting by artist Kevin Pullen, which will serve as an inspiration to all of the students, faculty and staff at WPA for years to come.
Entitled “Brothers in Arms,” the piece depicts prominent civil rights leaders on March 21, 1965, as they led a march from Selma, Alabama to the state capitol of Montgomery. The painting will be dedicated in a small ceremony on May 15.
Meet the Chandler Family
“I love that Cornerstone not only wants their students to have a sound education, but great character, too.” Those are just a few of the things that Angela Chandler appreciates about Lincoln-King Academy, where her three children attend.
She and her husband, Jerome, feel good about the extra-curricular activities and individual attention their three children get there. From tutors to music education, The Chandler family is finding exactly what they’re looking for in their children’s education at Cornerstone.
Teachers with Passion: Brandis Bean
Brandis Bean teaches kindergarten at Cornerstone’s Lincoln-King Academy (LKA). This is her third year of teaching and her third year at LKA. Like several of Cornerstone’s teachers, Ms. Bean says the “light bulb moments” in the classroom are her favorite part of her position, “I love when it clicks and you see a child really understand what you’re trying to teach them.”
We’re looking for more teachers like Ms. Bean. If you or someone you know is looking for a new teaching position, applications are being accepted here:
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