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The Pillar – August 2019


The Pillar | August 2019
September Partner Morning Postponed
Please be advised that Partner Morning will not be occurring in September!
We realize you recently received a Save the Date postcard in the mail notifying you of the upcoming Partner Morning to kick off the new school year. The school leaders have reassessed the 2019/20 school calendar and have agreed that it is in the best interest of the students to revise the Partner Morning schedule due to mandatory state testing at the end of September.
The first Partner Morning of the year will occur the week of October 7th- 11th. We will share a complete revised schedule for the school year at a later date.
  • Monday, October 7 – Cornerstone Health + Technology High School
  • Tuesday, October 8 – Washington-Parks Academy
  • Wednesday, October 9 – Lincoln-King Academy
  • Thursday, October 10 – Madison-Carver Academy
  • Friday, October 11 – Cornerstone Jefferson-Douglass Academy
Please contact or call 248-268-8531 with questions.
Alumni Help Open New Computer Lab
As we continue work on the new Adams-Young campus near Lincoln-King Academy, Cornerstone partnered with Learning Consultants (LC), a company that is managing setting up the computer lab. Learning Consultants collaborated with us by hiring Cornerstone high school graduates for a four-day work project. Eight alumni worked with the LC team to clean desks, load trucks,
unbox equipment and move furniture from Lincoln-King Academy to the new campus. Our LC contact was so impressed with their work they invited the graduates to work for two extra days to set up the computer lab.
We’re so proud of these graduates, who demonstrated a strong work ethic and reflected the character they learned as Cornerstone students. One alumni, Matthew Moore, said, “This experience helped me figure out that I personally like to take my work more seriously. I worked hard!” Matthew is pursuing a career in electrical work or construction.
Beaumont Health Partners with Cornerstone Career Pathways
We’re fortunate to have a partnership with Beaumont Health for our Career Pathways. They provide internships for our students, as well as career exploration opportunities. Beaumont hosted 37 sophomores and juniors who
are interested in healthcare at Beaumont-Royal Oak, where s
tudents learned about the wide variety of careers available in healthcare and how to get started in the field.
They rotated through different parts of the hospital, an operating room (where they saw an open heart surgery), the training/simulation labs, and the emergency center. Students learned about careers they didn’t know existed – and how to get started in the healthcare field.
Thank you, Beaumont Health, for partnering with our students.
It’s Time to Go Back to School
It’s back to school time and the adjustment from summer break to a more regimented school schedule is tough on both parents and children.
Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the fresh start of the school year from our Three Pillars Blog:
Update on the Road to Senegal: They’re Back!
Cornerstone Health + Technology High School students Brandon Harrell and Da’laye Ford, along with their principal Jared Davis, have returned from their trip to Dakar, with Youth for Global Health and Social Justice. The students studied water and health-associated conditions in Dakar and explored Senegalese Culture from July 12 – 21.
Principal Davis told us, “It was a very humbling experience. Here in the U.S., we have so many comforts, even people who don’t have homes can find a place to stay or a bathroom to use. It isn’t like that there. The people of Dakar have so little but they do the best they can with what they have.”
The group was able to provide food and clothing to Senegalese people in need. They also adopted a health clinic, with volunteers on the trip from Beaumont Health.
Detroit Edge: A Good Neighborhood Steward
John Ebbing, Vice President at Detroit Edge Tool Company, says his company decided to get involved with Cornerstone’s Career Pathways to be a “good steward of the neighborhood.” As a fifth generation company located in Detroit, Detroit Edge is committed to education in the city.
“We’re a small business and we’re always looking for labor. We could see the strong character values at Cornerstone and this summer, we hired Jarrell, a Cornerstone student, through Career Pathways.” Jarrell will be supervised by a seasoned employee while he learns how to read blueprints and inspection records and works toward an apprenticeship. Thank you, Detroit Edge, for your support of Cornerstone and our students!
Honoring Educators from Day One
This week, as teachers and staff headed back to school to prepare for the new year, the Service Center staff visited each school to welcome our educators and staff and thank them for all they do for Cornerstone students and families. We are all looking forward to a fantastic 2019/20!
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