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COVID-19 Case Updates
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Cornerstone is welcoming students back onsite gradually with limited capacity at each building and following the Wayne RESA Return to School Roadmap.  Each school within the Cornerstone community has designed an onsite plan to meet the needs of its students. For information on what each school is offering, please contact your school’s principal.

What Safety Protocols are in Place for Onsite Learning?

Our building teams have gone above and beyond the state’s Return To School Roadmap requirements. The following safety protocols will be in place in our buildings:

  • Daily Screening must be completed by staff and students prior to building entry
  • All staff and students must complete a three-step process each time they enter the building: 1) Temp Check, 2) Mask Check, 3) Sanitize Hands
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times according to Wayne RESA’s Return To School Roadmap.
  • Classrooms will be sanitized midday with a Clorox 360 machine and cleaned and sanitized again with hospital-grade R-Zero Arc machines using UVC technology each night.
  • Class sizes will be limited to accommodate for social distancing.
  • All staff have completed COVID-related training.
  • All students that attend in-person learning will be encouraged by adults to follow proper hygiene routines. This includes regularly-scheduled hand washing and hand sanitizing.  High-touch surfaces will also be cleaned diligently.
  • If a child does exhibit any symptom(s), the child will be supervised in our designated quarantine room, a parent/guardian will be contacted and the student will be required to be picked up from school immediately. Siblings of the student will need to be picked up, as well, no matter what building they are enrolled at across the District.  Parents will receive a CV 19 quarantine letter when they pick up their sick child.
  • Positive cases will be handled in accordance with the Michigan Safe Start Plan, which outlines COVID-19 case scenarios and action steps to guide schools and parents following a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. The scenarios and action steps are detailed on pages 11-12 of the Return To School Roadmap.

Virtual Learning

Teachers are using a variety of programs to facilitate online learning available through ClassLink.

  • Online Classroom Access: 
  • Login Information: Use your student Google credentials to login. If you do not have student Google login credentials, please reach out to your students’ homeroom or advisory teacher to request them.

To view additional technology resources, please view the Technology Guide here.

Please help ensure your student is actively engaged in learning by following the guidance below. If you need additional support, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

  • Cameras ON during Zoom calls
  • Find a quiet place to help concentrate (this also helps respect at home privacy)
  • Student profile pictures should be appropriate
  • Stay ON MUTE when not speaking
  • The student code of conduct applies to the virtual learning environment, and inappropriate behavior will have consequences.


Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Cornerstone staff will be providing families with breakfast and lunch “to-go” meals for their children (We are distributing 2 days of meals – breakfast and lunch per child, per pick up day). This service is available from 10:00AM-12:00pm at all Cornerstone campuses except Lincoln-King Academy.

COVID-19 Positive Case Updates

This table is updated within 24 hours of receiving a reported positive or probable case.


Mar 29 Mar 31 Apr 8 Nov 6 Nov 17 Oct 26
Apr 3 Apr 5 Dec 1 Nov 17
Apr 7 Dec 4 Dec 8
Mar 29 Mar 19
Apr 8 May 21
Total cases since 10/12 3 2 1 1 5 5


Cornerstone is dedicated to the health and safety of our teachers, faculty, students and their families. This page will be used to update the Cornerstone community about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the District’s response and procedures. If you have any questions regarding Cornerstone’s COVID-19 response plan and specifics to your child’s school, please contact: Kalyani Bhatt at or by calling (734) 812-8583.

If you have concerns about you or your child’s health, please contact a medical practitioner or the Detroit Health Department’s Outbreak Response Team at or (313) 876-0705.