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April 23, 2021

School Uniforms – Promoting Cooperation and Positive Behavior

When you visit one of our schools, I promise you’ll be impressed by how great our students look.

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January 14, 2021

Serving Others During COVID-19

Monday, January 18, 2021 is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the United States. It is the only federal holiday set aside as a national day of service. AmeriCorps has been charged by the federal government…

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September 13, 2020

All Students Deserve to be Healthy, Active & Ready to Learn

It’s startling to realize that the United States ranked last out of 21 industrialized nations in child health and safety. It is imperative that students are well-fed and active if they are going to be ready to learn.

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May 19, 2020

Individualized Learning

Many of us have heard of the term “Individualized Learning”, but what does it really mean? How does a teacher build individual learning structures with 30-36 students in a classroom?

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May 16, 2020

The Importance of Art in Education

The Arts create joy and success in education.  Having taught art in Detroit for over 15 years, the path I choose was right.  I love what I do.  The arts are important to education because they bring a form of truth to learning and enrich curriculum while bringing joy to students.

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