After months of hard work, perseverance, competition, and team building, students from Cornerstone Jefferson-Douglass Academy’s chess team are on their way to nationals! Twenty-three students and three coaches are headed to either Middle School Nationals in Dallas in April, or the Elementary Nationals in Nashville in May.

The benefits of chess programs are well documented. In schools around the world, chess has proven to be an effective tool for teaching students to utilize their higher-order thinking skills. Chess has also been linked with enhanced performance in mathematics and science. This game of skill teaches patience, perseverance, will power and concentration in this age of the ever-decreasing attention span.

Help send our students to their national tournaments with a generous donation to cover travel, hotel, and tournament entry fees. Our fundraising goal is $26,106 to supplement the funds raised by chess team parents throughout the season. Help our students build on their successes at the national level!

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