frequently Asked Questions

1. Define Cornerstone for Life

Cornerstone’s goal is to provide our students a holistic education which may include: rigorous academics, character development, real world experience, mentors, career technical training, college and career counselors, and dual degree programs that will endeavor to prepare students for career and college. Cornerstone will strive to provide qualified graduates with the support and tools that will help them to live sustainable lives.

2. When does Cornerstone for Life begin?

Cornerstone for Life will launch in the 2018/19 school year.

3. Who are “qualified graduates”?

Students in good standing who graduate from Cornerstone in the 2018/2019 school year may be eligible to benefit from a variety of services which may include: career counseling, career assessments, resume preparation, professional skills training, skills assessments, and alumni connections.

4. Is there a limit to the number of times one can seek support from Cornerstone?


5. Will former alumni be eligible to participate in the program?

Not at this time.

6.  How will Cornerstone for Life be funded?

Funding for Cornerstone For Life will be through private donations, corporate  sponsorships, and grants. Funding for Cornerstone For Life and related benefits for eligible graduates is not guaranteed.

8. What funding is needed?

Funding is needed to support Cornerstone’s unique program that focuses on preparing students for career and college and includes funding for: research, program development, technology, machinery and other equipment, transportation, labs, faculty, staff and administration.

9. For what reasons might Cornerstone For Life benefits not be available to eligible graduates?

While Cornerstone will make every effort to support Cornerstone For Life for years to come, future events, including but not limited to the status of funding, may require Cornerstone to reduce program benefits or end Cornerstone For Life.


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