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Nationally, 44% of college freshmen do not graduate within six years. Many are left with significant debt and no career prospects. In addition, thousands of well-paying skilled jobs go unfilled because of an untrained workforce.

Many Cornerstone graduates fall into those statistics. How can we fulfill our mission of preparing our students for a fulfilling life if they cannot build a life after they leave us? The answer is Cornerstone For Life.

Cornerstone For Life supports Cornerstone’s mission by delivering the K-12 education needed for success, and the tools to prepare students for career and college so they can lead fulfilling lives. Whether the student’s goal is to attend college or begin a career after graduation, Cornerstone will help them reach those goals through workforce exposure and real-world experiences before graduation. As our resources permit, Cornerstone will offer qualified graduates competitive career and college services.




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We have five career pathways:

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Students are prepared and have attended 29+ of the top universities in the nation:

Cornerstone Standards of Character:

Cornerstone’s Ten Character Words serve as the anchor for our character education, embodying the characteristics that we believe constitute excellent character. These words are posted throughout the schools and lessons are built around these words monthly to reinforce the concepts throughout a student’s educational journey at Cornerstone.