Thank you for your interest in the C-Suite Series.  All openings for the 2020-21 school year are filled at this time.  Please check back in August, 2021.

The C-Suite Series initiative is a virtual learning engagement and speaking opportunity designed to deepen students’ knowledge and preparation beyond high school. Top-level executives are invited to speak to our senior students about their success, their walk in life, their educational journey, and their chosen career path.

Selected students will have the opportunity to learn about various careers, colleges and skilled trades choices; and what skills are needed to thrive in the workplace and succeed. This initiative is also designed to advance the students’ experience and knowledge with writing, research, and critical skills; as well as allowing them to better understand their career aspirations and what it takes to attain achievement. Students will develop basic professional skills, (e.g. appropriate dress, how to conduct themselves in a business manner, importance of a good firm handshake, and how to organize and lead a business meeting).

For additional information or to volunteer as a C-Suite speaker, contact Mona Kidder, Career Pathways Program Manager, at

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