Thank you for your interest in the Guest Teacher Initiative.  All openings for the 2020-21 school year are filled at this time.  Please check back in August, 2021.

The Cornerstone Guest Teacher Initiative is a virtual learning engagement and speaking opportunity designed to assist and reinforce the teacher in the prepared lesson plan, which is relevant to the industry-specific coursework (e.g. Manufacturing, Construction, Health Care, IT and Business). Time involvement is for one class, one lesson (approx. 45-60 min).

The Guest Teacher directly reinforces the learning objectives in the class by delivering a hands-on activity or interactive experience. The Guest Teacher can provide their unique perspective of “here is what it looks like on the ground – this is the way we use this in the workplace.” Students’ experiences are enriched when they hear from a variety of voices.

The teacher will provide a “wish list” of lessons that can be delivered and work directly with the Guest Teacher to identify a window of time in which the lesson will sync up with the class learning objectives.

For additional information or to sign up, contact Mona Kidder, Career Pathways Program Manager, at

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