Do you have 1-2 hours/week you can give to a 2nd grade Cornerstone student? Students participating in SOAR Detroit’s literacy program receive one-on-one mentoring, twice a week for one hour each.  Every student is supported by an individualized learning plan prepared by a SOAR professional education specialist.  On average, students increase 2.3 grade levels after one year in SOAR Detroit.

How does it work?

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  • SOAR will schedule training and answer specific questions you may have
  • You will be assigned a child based on your schedule and will stay with that child through the school year
  • At the appointed classroom time, the Cornerstone Teacher and SOAR Educator will begin a Zoom session with Mentors and their students.  Mentors will go into a separate breakout room with their student and begin the online session.
  • A customized reading plan and materials for each student will be provided to the Mentor.

For additional information or to sign up, contact Elaine Keillor, at, or call 313-892-1860 ext. 223.

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