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What Does a “Complete Life” Mean for Your Child?

Every situation is different — a complete life for one child can look markedly different than a complete life for another. Yet, in both cases the children will flourish. 

Connect with any of our school leaders to learn how our unique approach to education and development will help your child succeed. 

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of the three dimensions of a Complete Life, all of equal measure.  The Length of life — “to discover and fulfill one’s personal and professional potential”; the Breadth of life — to be a person for others; and the Height of Life — the upward reach for God. They must be in equal balance to live “life at its best.”   

Our focus is academic preparation, character development, and real-world experiences that give our students what they need to live “life at its best.”  

We infuse all our efforts with three core values: Love, Learn and Lead.  

Love: We believe it is a sacred act to love to treat one another with care and dignity, to accept one another as we are, even as we nurture and challenge one another.

Learn: We believe it is a sacred act to learn to be open and curious about how our world works, to listen deeply to those around us and those who came before us, to bring the humble heart of a beginner to everything we do.

“Cornerstone focuses on character building, which is first and foremost to me. The staff exemplifies it, so the students want to strive to have strong character as well. I can tell my daughter applies what she learns in school to her daily life. The exposure to Cornerstone teachers, staff and Partners has improved my daughters outlook on everything in life, and it has given her the desire to dream and do something special.” – Cornerstone Parent

Lead: We believe it is a sacred act to lead to see and solve problems, to take responsibility for our choices, to take the initiative, to act in service to others.

“Cornerstone gave me the best learning environment and helped me excel in my studies and pursue my future career. Cornerstone helps prepare students for life. They provide students with opportunities and experiences to help them succeed whether they move into a career, college or both.” – Cornerstone Alumni

A proven formula that for over 30 years has helped Cornerstone students succeed in the classroom, in college, in their careers … in life.

The Cornerstone of a Complete Life Begins Here

“We looked at so many other schools before choosing Cornerstone. Here, it isn’t just a school, it’s a family. The staff works as a team to maximize our children’s education and I appreciate that.” – Cornerstone Parent

November 27, 2020

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